User Manual

1: It is necessary to register with BOTH this website [ ] and with HMRC before submitting a VAT return using the Make Tax Digital regulations.

In order to register for MTD submissions with HMRC, you will need: -

• Your Government Gateway user ID.
• Your Government Gateway password.
• Your company´s VAT registration number.

If you have been submitting VAT returns before now, you will already have Government Gateway credentials, otherwise you will need to apply for them.

Click here you need to register for a Government Gateway username and password.

As a registered user of the SpreadsheetMTD Excel Add-in, you are using `MTD compatible software´ for VAT returns because this Add-in is recognised by HMRC for this purpose.

Click here to be taken through the MTD Registration Process (it´s quick and easy!).

You will receive an email within 72 hours after this necessary registration to confirm that you can submit returns using software that is compatible with Making Tax Digital for VAT (i.e., this Excel Add-in).

Please note: You cannot use the MTD system until after you have received an email confirmation from HMRC that you have successfully registered. It is now obligatory for VAT registered companies to use the MTD system for their VAT returns.

2: Click on `Sign in´ at the right side of the main menu. If you have not yet registered to use this add-in, click on the Register button and complete the form as illustrated below.

3: After successfull registration you will get following screen on Home page.

4: Select one of the two plans and click on the purchase button.

5: After clicking on the purchase button,the following screen appears.

6: After click on My-Add-ins button popup will open as display below then click on STORE button.

7: Enter the Spreadsheetmtd in serach box and click on Add button.

8: When you open the spreadsheetmtd you will get below screen.

9: Enter the registered Email Id and password and click on Login button.

10: After successfull login you will get below screen.

11: Click on Login button for authenticate the user on HMRC site.

12: After click on login button you will get the HMRC authentication popup window as displayed below.

13: Click on Continue button below screen will display.

14: Enter the HMRC credentials and click on Sign in button.

15: After that you will get following screen

16: Click on Grant authority button and you will get below screen.

17: After click on Click Here button you will get below screen.

18: Click on Pay Now button as per your pending slot.

19: When you will click Pay Now button it will display as below.

20: Click on Select Cell icon on screen and select value from Excel cell.

21: Pop up will open with selected cell address. When you click on ok button it will automaticaly fill seleted cell value in corresponding text box.

22: After filled all boxes click on declaration checkbox as displayed below and final click on Submit VAT Return button.

23: Finally you will get the success message as displayed below or other prompt.

24: If you want to update any cell value click on X icon and again select the appropriate cell.

25: Change the drop-down value to get other functionality as submited VAT return as dispalyed below.

26: To get liabilities change dropdown value and select liabilities. after that select fromdate and todate from calender and click on View liabilities.

27: Following screen will display.